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What are Plant Adaptogens?

Plant adaptogens are the special qualities and/or components in certain types of plants that modulate and regulate the body’s response to stress (physical, environmental, or emotional) and help raise the threshold of future stress-responses.

This results in better stress coping mechanisms, quicker injury recovery times, increases in energy and stamina, and improvements in cognitive functions such as focus, mental clarity of thought and perception.


Heath Benefits

Scientific research into plant adaptogens has revealed the following qualities:                                                                                                               


Superior Quality

Q’era-Tech’s  propriety adaptogen  extraction  technique  is  a  unique  method  that uses  the  highest  quality  adaptogen containing botanicals. Most commercial extracts utilize alcohol, harsh chemical and/or chlorinated solvents that can leave traces of residue behind. Q’era-Tech’s proprietary adaptogen extracts on the other hand, are never heated and are completely free from any solvent residue.


Based on Sound Science

This amazing class of adaptogen plants were first studied in a modern scientific context by the pharmacologist and physiologist Dr. Israel Brekhman, who was researching alternative stimulants for Russia’s military elite to increase stamina and mental focus. 

Dr Brekhman summarized the general pharmacological properties of adaptogens as follows:

  • These substances tend to help regulate or normalize organ and system function within the human body according to a growing body of research. Soviet scientists spent billions of dollars in research and published over one thousand articles documenting the benefits of supplementing the diet with plant adaptogens. They are relatively non-toxic to the recipient and act by increasing resistance to a broad spectrum of adverse biological, chemical and physical factors.
  • Adaptogen research was initially kept secret,  yet was applied with significant success to improve the performance of Soviet Union Olympic athletes, cosmonauts, key military figures and soldiers, chess champions and other performing elites.


Nano-Gold + Adaptogen Formulations

Gold nanoparticles have been proven to be completely biocompatible, stable and demonstrate efficient technological marriage with other active organics. In combination with adaptogens, they can pass the blood-brain barrier and offer great potential to enhance memory, cognition and physical performance as well as effectively regulate stress and the immune system. Q’era-Tech Research has explored this potent combination and has formulated innovative, organometallic supplements as “medicines for healthy people” to enhance peak-performance and creativity. We endeavor to offer the most effective adjuncts to stress-management, physical performance enhancement and improved creative output as part of our ongoing commitment towards developing a healthier society that promotes human flourishing.