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Health Benefits

The  flora  kingdom  contains  large  varieties  of  plants  that  possess  medicinal  properties that promote overall  health and wellbeing. It is often the case that large quantities  of raw plant materials are needed to achieve noticeable effects on the human body. However, by extracting and then super concentrating the desired plant components it becomes much easier to achieve an appropriate dose and ingest optimal and noticeable levels of the plant’s active ingredients.


Superior Quality

Q’era-Tech’s plant extracts are produced using the highest quality fresh and dried botanical ingredients. Our unique extracts are highly concentrated oils and a single 250 ml bottle can contain the equivalent of 25 kgs of active ingredients of standard commercial powdered extracts! Our extracts are free from waxes, pigments, resins, fats (triglycerides and fatty acids) as well as sterols and esters (which commonly make up around 50% or more of the bulk of comparative commercial extracts). The majority of commercial extracts are also manufactured using alcohol, harsh chemicals and/or chlorinated solvents, which can damage fragile plant components and leave trace amounts of residue. Q’era-Tech’s proprietary extracts, however, are never heated, are eco-friendly and completely free from any solvent residues. Our cold extraction process is so gentle that some seeds are still alive following our extraction and can still be geminated!


Safe & Approved

All of our primary plant products are sourced from the wild where possible, adhere to fair trade regulations and protocols and are certified as organic by our suppliers ECOCERT (E.U.) and Soil Association (U.K.) and are Kosher/Halal safe. In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted our production process as "GRAS" status (Generally Regarded As Safe) for the preparation of food, flavors and fragrances.


Environmentally Friendly

Q’era-Tech is committed to using green chemistry techniques and continually reducing its already low-carbon footprint. Our extraction process is 100% non-toxic, requires very little energy and is environmentally friendly. Our unique extraction medium has been approved by the European Commission as a solvent for the preparation of food products and pharmaceuticals, is classified as an organic  solvent,  is  not  considered  a  dangerous  volatile  organic  compound  by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and does not release chlorine or cause damage to the environment.


Based on Sound Science

Our extraction process has been perfected in our state-of-the-art research facility by our team of highly knowledgeable and qualified staff and extensive research and analysis has been conducted on a wide variety of known plant adaptogens. The most active ingredients, called phytonutrients, occur primarily in plant oils and have been a primary focus of the research. The challenge has always been to extract these oils without damaging their delicate molecular structure. With advances in modern technology, new cutting edge extraction techniques allow for known active components to be separated while opening the exciting possibility of discovering new and previously unknown ingredients.